Friday, October 29, 2010

The NL rules aren't fair, Ranger fan comments from the Dallas Morning News

I have already written about my disdain for the DH rule used by the American League, well it looks like there are fans in Texas who have the same problem with not using it and have taken to crying about it.
Here is a comment from yesterday after the Game 1 loss:

And WHY are the Rangers having "Vlad" problems?...because of the STUPID RULES that  favor the NL! Stop and think about it. The Rangers have to change up EVERYTHING they did in the regular season to play by a different set of rules than they normally do. The Giant's actually BENEFIT from the DH in the AL park!!! You name another sport that decides it's championship by TWO DIFFERENT sets of rules! You can't. And I don't care what ANYONE says...playing NL rules for an AL team is a HUGE disadvantage....NL teams playing with the DH is a BONUS!!! Idiot owners....

Well Rangers fans you now have your wish, the game is headed to Texas where there will be a DH. I fully antcipate that the Rangers will come back strong in the next 2 and most likely 3 games. I just couldn't help myself for taking this cheap shot.

Here is a message board bashing the lack of DH for your enjoyment.

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