Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A lot of Swearing, a lot of Screaming – and a lot of Alcohol, Giants Postseaon Baseball

That quote is from Tim Lincecum after the game when asked how he would describe the playoffs. I think that sums it up for a lot of Giants fans.

There was a lot of swearing at my house during the course of this series - both during good situations and during the forgettable.

There was certainly a good deal of screaming. After going to the game Friday night I had only the shadow of a voice the next day, I screamed so loud during the top of the ninth in game 3 that my wife was wondering if everything was ok and she told me that I needed to calm down before I gave myself a heart attack.

Last but not least last night there was the screaming during the whole damn game. After every ground bal out induced by Lowe, after the big Cody Ross home run, after the call at second base that Infante had come off the bag, after the Cody Ross single to bring in the go ahead run, and after the final out was recorded.

I think just about everyone also had their share of alcohol too.

It is sweet to bask in the glory but come Saturday this all starts again. Giants baseball is torture and you get through it with a bunch of Swearing, Screaming and Alcohol.


  1. I too had no voice left after game #4. I also had to send my 17 yr old son to his room after ATL went ahead 2-1. He almost threw the remote through the 50 inch plasma I got for the playoffs!!!

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