Friday, October 29, 2010

Lee says to Washington, "No I Will Not Start On Short Rest"


Ron Washington said at his press conference that the Texas Rangers would not ask Cliff Lee to pitch on short rest in this world series is a lie, they already did and he said he would not.

A source inside AT&T Park said that the Rangers manager did in fact approach his star pitcher about pitching on short rest only to be turned down. It all happened in the tunnel on the way to the club house after a Rangers gut wrenching loss to the the Giants on Thursday night.

From what the source told me the conversation was pretty heated and the Rangers "rent a player/Postseason ace" told his coach that he will not pitch on short rest. He was very adamant about it.

Cliff Lee has never pitched on short rest in his career. After his very human like performance maybe pitching on short rest would be a blessing in disguise for the Giants having smacked him around a little bit. It is likely that he would not pitch that bad again if he saw the Giants in the post season once or twice more.

But if he indeed does not pitch on short rest, I will take the rest of the Ranger rotation any day of the week; except Tuesdays because as everyone knows that is the worst day of the week.

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