Monday, October 11, 2010

Giants Big 3 Just as Good as Phillies Big 3

I was watching PTI this afternoon and Wilborn and Kornhieser were salivating over the Phillies pitching which is justifiable because they have been pretty awesome but there was no discussion at all about the Giants equally impressive pitching.

Here is a quick comparison of the starting pitching:

Phillies: 23 innings, 3 ER, 22 K, 2 BB, 10 H

Giants: 23 innings, 2 ER, 31 K, 4 BB, 11 H

So pretty much it is exactly the same.

The Phillies have given up 3 less baserunners but the Giants have 9 more strikeouts and 1 less earned run. These two staffs have been down right dominating.

I think that the guys at ESPN need to open their eyes a little bit here the Giants staff has been just as impressive and have done it without the run support of the Phillies. The big 3 in Philadelphia but give me the guys with the chip on their shoulder any day of the week.

I wouldn't trade Tim Lincecum and his darting changeup for anything, same with Matt Cain and his high fastball and big curve and as last night showed you the sudden "big game" Jonathan Sanchez and his nasty nearly unhittable slurve.


  1. The numbers are even more impressive when you consider that Roy Halladay's no hitter account for a good majority of those numbers!

  2. I will say the Cole Hamales game was another well pitched game.

    That being said Jonathan Sanchez pitched as well if not better same goes for the Matt Cain and Roy Oswalt comparison.

    So far this postseason they have been very evenly matched.

  3. The Giants look a bit better because Halladay contributed most of those on his no-hitter, but the Giants had a combined effort.

  4. I love PTI, but that's some more of the good old East-coast bias.

  5. Uh, do any of you wise ones realize that the Phillies numbers came against the best hitting team in the NL? Put that in your pipe and smoke it! Phillies in 5. Yankees/Phillies rematch of last year's World Series with the Phitin's coming out on top this time! Bank on it!!

  6. Anonymous 8:56AM, thanks for stopping by. You're right the Reds were the Best hitting team in the National League scoring 790 runs versus the braves who finished 6th with 699 runs.

    However you also must take into account that the Reds played in one of the most hitter friendly ball parks in the NL. When you look at the adjust OPS for both opponents things are much closer.

    The Red's were again number 1 with an OPS+ of 108 but the Braves moved up consideribly to third with an OPS+ 101.

    The Braves are a patient team that gets on base at a high rate they lead the league in walks which says something about this team. I don't think that the level of compitetion was that different that this discounts the achievment of either team.

    This is not a bottom of the league hitting team.