Friday, October 15, 2010

End of Year Awards: Willie Mays Award

As a part of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance there is the participation in the end of year awards voting. (Note: I write for a national league blog so I vote for the national league only).

Today I am voting for the Willie Mays Award given out to the best rookie for each league.

Buster Posey, a demi-god.

1) Buster Posey - Giants, Could some serious have not put Buster first on the list?

He has had an amazing season even if he were a vet hittting his prime years. He came up in May with tremendous expectations and all he did was go out an exceed them. To top it off he did this while playing the most phisically challenging position on the field while batting 4th in the middle of a playoff race.

It is most impressize and he has handeled everything with the poise of a 10 year veteran.
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Generated 10/15/2010.

2) Jason Heyward – Braves, Heyward got all the hype coming out of spring traning that this season and he hasn't been a disapointment. Heyward has shown that his power is for real; hitting 18 homers and hitting for an ISO of .179 even while dealing with a thumb injury during the middle of the season.

Early in the season it looked like he was going to run away with the award but the injury has sapped his numbers significantly but he was still among the most valuable rookies and was one of the last real threats left in Braves lineup after the injury bug bit them.

Heyward looks to be a special player and should be exciting to watch and I am thankful that he didn't go crazy on the Giants in the postseason.

3) Jaime Garcia – Cardinals, Garcia has pitched phenominally for the Cardinals. He finished the season 13-8 with a 2.70 ERA. In other seasons this probably would have been enough to walk away with the award easy but this season he is only third best.

Garcia had solid groundball numbers and good enough strikeout stuff to project to be an impact pitchers for sometime to come. He keeps the ball in the park and doesn't put too many guys on base. A recipe for success.

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