Monday, October 25, 2010

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe; Who DHs for the Giants?

Stupid American League baseball and the DH, if there is one thing that gets on my nerves more then anything about American League baseball it is the DH rule. It should be 9 men in the field and the same 9 men in the lineup but no the American League has to different.

It is a bad rule that needs to go away but seeing that is not going to happen in the next 3 days the Giants must come up with a plan for who will fill the position for them when they head to Texas.

Here are the options for the additional batting spot:

Mike Fontenot .282/ .329/ .310

Jose Guillen .266/ .317/ .375

Travis Ishikawa .266 /.320 /.392

Edgar Renteria .276/ .332/ .374

Aaron Rowand .230/ .281/ .378

Pablo Sandoval .268/.323/ .409

Nate Schierholtz .242/ .311/ .366

Eli Whiteside .238/ .299/ .397

The most likely scenarios include Pat Burrell moving to DH to get a better defensively with Rowand or Schierholtz, having Pablo DH and having a right-side of the infield of Renteria and Uribe, or having Huff do the DHing and bring in Travis Ishikawa to play first base.

Some other possibilities that are a little longer shots would be to put Ishikawa at first, send Huff to left field where he is a slight upgrade to Burrell defensively and have Burrell DH. Also there is the possibility of adding Guillen to the roster to DH which I really don't want to see.

Of the most likely options that one that seems to work the best would be to have Pablo DH, the only issue is that this season he has been atrocious hitting on the road and from the right side where he is likely to for at least 2 games in Texas.

There is a whole lot of not to like going on here against the lefties that Texas will throw at the Giants. I really doubt there is one answer to this question or even a right answer, I say hope that who ever gets put there gets Cody Ross hot and then it really doesn't matter.

How is that for reasoning?

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  1. Pablo and Ishi would be my choices to DH. As tempting as a defensive upgrade in left for Burrell would be, he struggled so bad as a DH in Tampa that I would be very hesitant to put him in htat role in the World Series.