Thursday, October 7, 2010

Digging Deep into Game 1 of Giants and Braves

The little details made all the difference in this game. The Giants scored 1 run and Tim Lincecum made sure it was enough. It felt like a Giants game thats for sure.

Right off the bat you've got to discuss the Buster Posey "stolen base". When you look at the replay it is clear that he was out by six inches but the umpire was in a bad position and only saw the high tag and didn't have clear view of Posey's foot.

Posey would eventually come around to score on the single by Cody Ross that could have and maybe should have been grabbed by Omar Infante. On top of that there was the very questionable decision by Bobby Cox to walk Pablo Sandoval who is the king of rolling over sinkers to second base.

This will be the focus of the game I am sure but to me the pivotal moment was Tim Lincecum getting out of the first inning without giving up a run. When you are facing an elite pitcher your best chances to score are early in the game and the Braves had a huge opportunity with a lead off double.

Lincecum got media darling and on base machine Jason Heyward to pop out and then got both Derek Lee and Brian McCain swinging. Lincecum went through the heart of the lineup with a man in scoring position and no outs and simply dominated them.

This will be overlooked I am sure in the controversy but after that it was clear that Lincecum had some good stuff and it wouldn't take many runs to win this thing and man was he special.

How about this a game score of 96, 9 innings, 14 strike outs, 1 walk and 2 hits (both doubles) all in 119 pitches.

The only question is by going out and pitching the 9th inning is he no longer available for a potential game 4 start? If he is now that may have been an unnecessary inning when Brian Wilson has been lights out this season. Now I guess Giants fans can only hope that this is all moot and that the Giants can win at least one of the next 2 games.

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