Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lincecum to the ‘Pen? A Scout says that is where he will end up

Aug. 10, 2010 - San Francisco, California, United States of America - August 8, 2010: San Francisco Giants P Tim Lincecum.

This has got to be the most unexpected news that I have heard today. Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal quotes a scout that thinks that Tim Lincecum's days as a starter are numbered.

A scout who attended Tim Lincecum's recent eight-inning, one-run start
against the Rockies, says, "That's the best I've seen him all year. His stuff is
not back, but he's getting people out.

"He was getting his curveball over. His command was better. But I'm not
seeing more arm strength. It was about average, at times a click above.

"It will be an interesting question this winter: Where is he? What does he
have left? I think he'll end up in the bullpen."

This has got to be one of the biggest overreactions to a bad month that I have seen in a long while. Lincecum has struggled this season and is not the same dominating force he has been the last 2 seasons but demoted to the bullpen? Really?

Even in a down year Tim Lincecum is still a top tier pitcher. He has produced 4.2 WAR which has him ranked 5th in the National League and 12th overall. That's above guys like Clayton Kershaw, CC Sabathia and Mat Latos who no one sees as ready to be sent out to pasture for mop up duty.

This is also coming off of 3 starts where he has looked much sharper and in his last 2 starts where he is 2-0, 2.45 ERA, 20 Ks, 1 BB.

I may have written about the drop in velocity and have worried about Timmy this season but not because I think he is finished. Even if the velocity never returns Lincecum is still a very good pitcher and a special talent.

Barring an injury I don't see him in the bullpen anytime soon and suggesting that he could be there as soon as next season is probably the dumbest thing I have heard today, thanks unnamed scout for the lunchtime laughter.

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  1. A lot of starters end up in the 'pen. As a matter of fact, I would guess that every current Major League reliever was a starter when he was drafted out of HS, college or elsewhere.

    But to suggest that Timmy might end up in the 'pen as early as next year (or that the Giants will even question that option) does seem like an asinine reaction by this un-named scout.

    My guess is that this un-named "scout" might have been from McCovey Chronicles.

  2. Agreed it is possible that is where Lincecum may end up one of these days but as early as next season? That is crazy talk.

    The value to the team is best as a starter and he should stay there until it no longer makes sense. Brian Wilson is having an absolutly crazy season and is still worth 2 less wins compared to a bad Tim Lincecum.

    Down the line it might make sense to do a John Smoltz type conversion but right now and for the foreseeable future he is most valuable pitching every 5th day.

  3. Enjoyed reading that, got a good laugh out of it. Nice post. This is coming from a padres fan, but I love Lincecum.

  4. Timmy is still great and will whip the crybay Padres in the final three games in SF. Everyone ends up in the bullpen sooner or later; Sanchez has been there so has Zito but they are back.