Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giants so Desperate for Runs they are Advertising on Craigslist

I was browsing Craigslist looking for bargains (really I was there isn't an adult service section anymore) when I stumbled across this add from the San Francisco Giants:

I wonder if this is the work of Matt Cain who has a historically bad run support. Regardless this team is desperate for anything.

When the meager offense shows up this team actually wins some games, when it doesn't I feel bad for these pitchers.

Here are some stats to melt your brain while you think about how good this team could be with an offense that wasn't feast or famine.

When the Giants score 6 or more runs they are 47-6.

When the Giants score 4 or more runs they are 65-10.

When the Giants score 3 or more runs they are 74-22.

When the Giants score 2 or more runs they are 82-37.

Yeah with a little run support this team is hard to beat. They have a winning percentage of 0.867 when they score 4 or more runs! That is ridiculously good and for a team that is averaging 4.27 runs per game it really shouldn't be that hard.

So Giants help out your pitching staff and score some runs.


  1. Atrue understatement,must have lost 5 or 6 times 1 -0 this year ...killer

  2. The day I write this the score 13 runs. Go figure, sometimes you write about things and that actually happens.

    I guess I need to thank the wind blowing out.

  3. Everyone keeps saying "Humm-baby" but can anyone
    find and play the slogan song? Humm baby, it's gonna be fun! Thanks & Go Giants!