Monday, September 27, 2010

The Best Giants Moment of the Season

Now that we are in the final handful of Giants games of the season I have begun to look back and think about the journey that has been the 2010 season. There have been numerous memories from this season and hopefully in the last couple of days here hopefully some great ones still to come.

The best memory that I have this season is a game that I attended in person. It was the July 31st game between the Giants and the Dodgers.

It is the Pat Burrell homerun game.

It was one of the most magical and meaningful homeruns I have ever seen live. The fact that it came against the hated Dodgers in the bottom of the 8th inning against fat Jonathan Broxton make it all the more special.

The electricity that ran through the crowd after that bomb is indescribable. The BEAT LA chant that followed was off the charts, the standing ovation and curtain call were enough to give you goose bumps. It was a special day.

It was a big home run in a huge spot. It came on a 3-2 pitch with 2 outs with Giants grasping for any signs of life.

Here is the link to the video that I can watch over and over again.


  1. Hey, I remember this well. I wasn't there but I saw it and the comraderie in the clubhouse was almost as much fun to watch than the actual feat! You didn't get to see it live at the game, but we saw it at home live, on TV, one of the benefits of TV. Good Choice! Thanks for reminding us.

  2. I've been to a lot of big time baseball games in my life, but this has to be the best moment I can remember. It was the first game I took my daughter to, and we had seats 4 rows back on the Dodgers on-deck circle so we had to best view in the whole park of the line drive Pat the Bat hit. It was one of the loudest moments I've heard at that park, and it was against the Dodgers and, like you said, fat Broxton. It was classic and epic and I got to get Will the Thrills autograph after the game which was icing on the cake for me, my wife, and lifetime Giants fan, my 3 year old. Lets do this guys!

  3. I believe that that is a good win for us, but your forgetting the first game at AT&T park. When Renteria tied the game in the ninth and Rowand had the walk-off slide in single to keep the Giants 4-0