Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The 5 Most Valuable Giants this Season

It's getting to the end of the season and it is time to look and see who has gotten the Giants this

In reverse order here are the Giants most valuable players this season:

5. Brian Wilson, 3-2, 44 saves, 1.84 ERA

In general closers are overrated and I think that you shouldn't go out and over pay to have a guy pitch just the ninth inning. Pitching in the 9th inning isn't that different then pitching in a high pressure situation in

the 7th or 8th. Most of the time if you have a good

setup man he will be a good closer and the performance of relievers is just to varied from year to year to warrant a long term deal for a big name guy.

That being said there is something to having a lights out guy that the other team knows is going to slam the door shut and can shorten the game making them desperate to make sure that the closer doesn't get that ball.

Brian Wilson is that guy and more. He is willing to give the team everything he has, he isn't the diva closer that will only go 1 inning, and Wilson is a guy that if you let him would go 2-3 innings every game.

Wilson has been a truly elite closer this season and has even moved away from the heart stopping high wire acts lately just making quick work of the opposition.

4. Matt Cain / Tim Lincecum

The twin aces on the top of the rotation. The Giants the season have been about the pitching. When the pitchers are on this team can win every game. They have unreal depth 1-5 that no team can match up with and it starts with these 2 guys.

Matt Cain is a little bit of the unsung hero of the staff. The guy that gets no run support but never complains. He has truly matured this season and is arguably the best and most consistent

pitcher on the staff even in the shadow of Lincecum. He pounds the strike zone and takes the team deep into every game.

Lincecum is having a down year, but it is unrealistic to expect a Cy Young every season. He has had some rough patches this season but he has righted himself and is back in his proper place as the one of the best and most dangerous pitchers in the National League.

3. Andres Torres .269/ .346/ .476

The sparkplug that makes the offense go.

Torres has been one of the best stories in baseball this season and has contributed in so many ways to the Giants this season.

He has been a true lead off hitter who can work the count, get on base, hit for power and steal some bases. When he was hot he carried the team and even when he wasn't his defense was top shelf. He deserves a gold glove and if he doesn't get one the coaches need to get their eyes checked. This guy is simply amazing and has made it possible to start some statues in the corner outfield spots without losing too much range.

It has been hard to watch the Giants offense without him in the leadoff spot.

2. Aubrey Huff .287/ .381/ .507

Huff Daddy has been an amazing pick up. To tell the truth I had pretty low expectations for him when the season started and he has shown that he is not washed up and still has stuff left in the tank.

Huff has become the visible leader on this team. You can see that he loves every second of this playoff hunt and is making sure everyone else is enjoying themselves.

His on the field performance is everything and more that you could have asked for. He had the

reputation for an iron mitt and he has made just about every play in the field. He has played wherever Bochy needed him and did a passable job. With the bat he has been a great guy in the 3 whole. He has a great eye and a nice power stroke. He may have been 2nd or 3rd choice in the offseason but now there is no one else that could replace him.

Huff will always be remembered fondly for his contributions this season.

1. Buster Posey .323/ .370/ .524

There really is no one else that can be at this spot is there?

Posey has been an amazing player ever since coming up from Fresno. He had the hitting streak where he tied Giants Legend Willie McCovey's rookie record. He was the hottest player in baseball in July where he carried the Giants back from the abyss and back into contention.

He has handled the excellent pitching staff which one of the big concerns before he came up. He has shown that he has the raw ability to be a very good defensive catcher with his super quick footwork and a nice release that will only get better with more time behind the plate.

In addition to all this he has played through all the pressure of being the fourth hitter on a contending team at the age of 23 like it is nothing. He has ice in his veins and was born to hit opposite filed bombs. He is a special player that makes the game look easy and effortless.

It is a once in a generation occurrence and the Giants are a lucky team to have his talents.

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  1. Whew! I opened this post with closed fists, clenched teeth and mad as hell, ready to respond with blood shooting out of my eyes! How many times recently have there been articles and posts regarding Brian Wilson and others as being saviors of the Giants this season? Actually, MOST of the players are responsible for the team being where they are today. But for me, personally, there's one player who jumps off the page and stands out above all players this season, and that's not just Giants players. I probably would have thrown Joey Votto in there at the top also, but after the game where he stared, no "glared" down our pitcher after a strike-out, I tossed him for lack of good sportsmanship. Thanks for writing this post and thanks for sparing me another morning of heartburn. The one player that stands heads above is Buster Posey. And that's why I keep coming back to your posts! You've hit the nail on the head once again! One fan's opinion....