Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Starting 9 Giants Links

Time again to check around the Giants Blogoshere to give the latest and greatest. Here are 9 links to start your morning off right.

First up Triples Alley examining the inconsitency of Jonathan Sanchez. They use the standard deviation of a pitcher’s game scores to get an idea of how consistent a starter is. The results are pretty interesting:
That’s right- Jonathan Sanchez has actually been the most consistent starter in the Giants’ rotation in 2010. Now, let’s not confuse this for quality- remember, Lincecum and Cain have the highest game scores and are, by all accounts, the best pitchers on the staff. All this means is that Sanchez has been the most consistent at pitching around his average game score.
I wouldn't have guessed it but these are the results. I wrote something about the maddening nature of Sanchez that might be a nice pairing to this fine piece of writing.

Next we will go a little bit on the lighter side with the graph of the week from Chris at Bay City Ball. This one focuses on the season of Freddy Sanchez, the kicker:
Sanchez has been solid on defense this year, but the Giants are going to need a little more oomph out of his bat. His current .302 wOBA — using the original Tango formula and not the FanGraphs’ version — leaves much to be desired.
Hitting third is a great piece from Fire-Sabean who takes a rip at the Dodger's Andre Ethier The ‘Bicurious Lion Tamer’. Great pictures that words cannot describe and warm a Giants fan's heart.

I will give the cleanup spot to new comers Splashing Pumpkins, who have a pretty awesome name and some good analysis to go along with it. They break down the new and imporved Barry Zito. Welcome guys.

8th Inning Weirdness have a new thing that they are trying out and I think that it works wonderfully. I will let them explain it:
Every Friday, we will feature a piece of poor sports journalism, and destroy it, in the famous firejoemorgan.com format. While we can't possibly match those guys' humor, we'll hopefully be able to use logic and reason in the same sinister, career destroying manner. Here are the guidelines: it must be about baseball, it must be written by a local sportswriter, or if a national writer, the piece must be about the Giants.
This week it is Bruce Jenkins.

This next one needs to be sent directly to Brian Sabean because this may be one of the first times that a blogger has written saying that he is doing a good job. The man doing the work is obsessivegiantscompulsive. Maybe the fringe isn't all the way full of lunitics. A snipet:
Two years is good for me, enough to keep him around, but short enough that if he does something extremely stupid, Neukom can fire him and only have to eat one year's salary. He has done a good job so far, and thus I support him keeping his job so that he can finish the job. He deserves that courtesy for the good work he has done with the team - so far.
I need to keep this link away from Fire-Sabean.

Another new commer is the Blog that Barry Built saying that Aubrey Huff needs a new contract. The selling point:
The Giants would be lost without Aubrey Huff this year. He has played multiple positions well and has been a beast at the plate. He is only signed for this one year. Sabean did a great job in giving him a shot at redemption. Huff responded well. It is time Sabean rewarded him with a contract extension.
Croix De Candlestick, looks at the road a head for the Giants in what he calls the Death March to the Top of the NL West:
August is going to test the Giants’ ability to be a playoff team. In addition to Atlanta and San Diego, they face the Reds, Cardinals, and Phillies, followed by an NL West swing into September.
Last but not least is Troy at 22Gigantes who reports on Andres Torres and how he has overcome ADD to be the sparkplug that makes the top of the lineup go.

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