Friday, August 6, 2010

It Looks Like Dunn's Not Coming to SF

Henry Schulman is reporting on Twitter and his blog that he beloved the Los Angeles Dodgers were the team who were going to be awarded the waiver claim to Adam Dunn. The Giants just had too good of a record with too many teams below them wanting to make sure that he didn't get past them to have a realistic shot.
My speculation on who got the waiver claim, and you can call this an educated guess based on some things I heard around the league: It was the Dodgers.
I wouldn't worry too much it is most likely a last ditch blocking move of a team looking up at the guys with playoff chances. Plus I showed that unless there was a drastic drop in price (not likely) Dunn wasn't much more then a marginal improvement for this season.

It was a long shot to begin with and actually getting a deal done was even longer of a shot.

If he was claimed and is not traded with the team that made the waiver claim that is it for him getting traded until the offseason as players can only go through waivers one time after August 1st.

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