Monday, August 9, 2010

Giants/Cubs Series Preview

After the Atlanta series these next four games vs the Cubs become huge, to be honest we should have been swept in the ATL but they gave us game two.

Game one:  Carlos Zambrano (3-6 5.61 ERA) vs Madison Bumgardner (4-4 3.20 ERA)
Mad Bum had a Rocky start in Colorado but i like him at home facing the Cubs who have never seen him before and i like him to have a nice bounce back game. hopefully the Giants offense can find itself in this game.

Game two: Ryan Dempster (9-8 3.76 ERA) vs Tim Lincecum (11-5 3.15 ERA)
Timmy didnt pitch bad in the ATL he made a couple bad pitches but other than that he pitched well. If he keeps the ball down and doesnt lose control with the fastball we could see a magical outing. Timmy still has not thrown a no-hitter so if he wants to be in contention for the CY Young that might need to happen enventually.

Game three: Tom Gorzelanny (6-6 3.51 ERA) vs Barry Zito (8-6 3.35 ERA)
Barry has had quality start after quality start i look for that to continue in this game. If the Giants offense scored they win.

Game four: Randy Wells (5-10 4.37 ERA) Matt Cain (9-9 3.03 ERA)
Bottom line if Cain does not get run support the Giants will lose 1-0

Conclusion: If the Giants offense wakes up and scores runs they will sweep.

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