Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The 2010 Giants Offense, More Bipolar than Lindsay Lohan

My little league coach once told me that like a bad cold, hitting is contagious. Looking at the Giants offense my coach looks like a genius, the team is either hot up and down the order or ice cold.

The Giants average 4.425 runs per game but have only scored 4 or 5 runs 20 times this season. If you expect runs scored to be normally distributed you would expect these to the most common outcomes over the course of the season, they are far from it.

The standard deviation for the runs scored is 3.25 which is incredibly high for such a narrow range and relatively large sample. The team is like a classic true out come hitter, home run or strikeout, there is almost no in between for this team this season.

An amazing fact is that the Giants have been shutout 11 times this season, but have scored 10 or more runs 11 times as well. The G-Men have scored 3 runs or less 61 times and 6 or more 46 times.The offense has been very much feast or famine.

The Graph below shows the bipolar nature of the offense:

At this point in the season, one can only hope that the whole team keeps catching the hitting cold and stays away from the slump virus that has struck so many of the players during the course of this season *cough* Pablo Sandoval *cough*. Excuse me, but as I was saying more consistency would be quite lovely especially if it is of the scoring more runs variety.

In my opinion there is nothing more awesome then when this team plays great team Baseball. When they put together the great pitching with some hot hitters this team is very watchable, when they don't well just turn the channel.

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