Friday, July 9, 2010

Small Sample Size Fun: Stephen Strasburg Edition

Washington Nationals starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg delivers against the New York Mets in the first inning of their National League MLB baseball game in Washington, July 3, 2010. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst (UNITED STATES - Tags: SPORT BASEBALL)

Player A: 4-1 43.1 innings 14 walks 14 strikeouts 1.04 ERA .187/ .253/ .316 /.569 OPS

Player B: 2-2 36.2 innings 10 walks 53 strikeouts 2.45 ERA .215/ .267/ .281/ .549 OPS

Player C: 4-2 47.0 innings 12 walks 32 strikeouts 0.77 ERA .190/ .253/ .270/ .523 OPS

Player D: 3 1 36.1 innings 14 walks 24 strikeouts 2.97 ERA .213/ .299/ .307/ .606 OPS

One of these pitchers is Stephen Strasburg the others, Matt Cain, Livan Hernandez and Todd Wellemeyer.

It has been trendy to anoint Strasburg as the second coming of Bob Feller and if you have watched him he certainly has some nasty stuff but really it is much to early to make such grand prognostications.

Above are 4 players and their stats over 6 games and all are pretty similar but what can we tell from 6 starts? Honestly nothing but that is why this is Small Sample Size Fun™ what I will tell you is this: Stephan Strasburg is very talented but he is very young and even bad pitchers can go through 6 game stretch's where they look invincible.

Strasburg looks dominate but our guy Cainer can put on a show too, as can just about any major league pitcher on a given night. Looking at his line and expecting the hall of fame is just foolish.

The Players identities:

Player A: Livan Hernandez

Player B: Stephen Strasburg (I am sure the K's gave it away)

Player C: Matt Cain

Player D: Todd Wellemeyer pitching at home this season

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