Friday, July 2, 2010

No Hope and Lowered Expecations

Some Random Giants Thoughts:

I am in the middle of driving to Sothern California taking in the beautiful sights that I-5 has to offer. There's not much else to do so writing a post seems like as good of a thing to do as there ever could be.

First, this loosing streak sucks. I knew that the team was bound for a correction but I didn't see this collapse coming.

The offense is in a collective funk. The pitching been less than steelar. That is a combination that is very bad for trying to win games. It is also not a good combination for me as with anything Giants related I am generally pessimistic.

The Dodgers series on top of everything just makes things worse. The Dodgers were just too comfortable in AT&T Park and let me tell you that is not a good thing. The Dodgers should loathe traveling north, this should be a house of horrors that haunt there nightmares.

I have to say that I am disappinted with Giants fans. Normally they are among the best fans in baseball but two series in a row visiting team fans have come in taken over the park. This is not acceptable and it should really embarass anyone who considers themselves a Giants fan.

To top it all off there seemed to be a lack of emotion from the team the whole homestand. A little red ass would have been apppreciated.

Next in my random thoughts I think I should comment on the Bengie Molina trade. Much has already been written but I just want to add that Bengie did seem to do everything the Giants asked of him and during the lean years provided some offense to a punchless team. He may not have been an All-Star caliber player but on a team of below average hitters even average seem pretty dang good. So he has that going for him.

The way things ended were less then ideal, it was probably not the best thing to bring him back this season. It would have been a nice clean break to have him go after last season without any hurt feelings but that is not the way things turned out.

The big thing is that it opens up the catcher position for Buster Posey which is an upgrade by itself right there even without the additional player. The two guys the Rangers included are not spectacular but there is a replacement level bullpen guy which could be helpful, and a former 1st round pick who may have some upside.

Moving on, I have a feeling this will be really tough patch going into the All-Star break. There are no more offdays and things are not going very good right now. So I will just keep drinking my pessimistic tea and stew in my depression. That seems to be the best way for the
Giants to snap out of their funk, I lose hope and think the worse will happen and then things get better.

So here is to no hope and lowered expecations.

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