Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Looking at the Rest of the Season

The official first half of the season is over now that the All-Star break is behind us. Many people have looked back and told you how the season has gone thus far, but here at the Crazy Crabbers we are interested in where things are going to go. 

The Giants have 74 games remaining to make a run at the playoffs. They sit four games back of the Padres in the division and two games back in the wild card. The road is going to be rough and it is almost guaranteed to be torture. Here is a breakdown of things to come. 

July: The Giants coming out of the All-Star break have 18 straight games that takes them through the first of August. They play a pair of tough teams and two others that could challenge them but they should be favored to win. The way they get out of the gate should determine how they attack things at the trade deadline, if they come out flying Brian Sabean maybe emboldened to pull the trigger on a big trade if not he will certainly be more hesitant if there are struggles. 

One of the silver linings for the the rest of July is that the team has 10 home games against 7 road games, however 6 of those are against good teams where every advantage will be needed. 

Mets: 4 Games at home

Dodgers: 5 games 3 on the road 2 at home

D-Backs: 4 games on the road

Marlins: 4 games at home

Prediction: 9-8

August: The home cooking continues into August, if the Giants are going to make a run at the division and the playoffs this will be the month that give them the best shot to make up ground. They have home games against all of their division rivals ahead of them in the standings, they have a chance to play some more NL Central teams who they have destroyed this season and they play 4 more home games then road.

If they don't get close to the top or move into the pole position the playoff window for 2010 closes quickly.

Dodgers: 1 game at home (carryover from July)

Rockies: 4 games 2 at home 2 on the road

Braves: 4 games on road

Cubs: 4 games at home

Padres: 3 games at home

Phillies: 3 games on road

Cardinals: 3 games on road

Reds: 3 games at home

D-Backs: 3 games at home

Prediction: 17-11

September: This could be the month where things fall apart or where the season becomes memorable. The month is heavy on the division plus 6 games with the NL Central. The real risk of this month is that they play 6 more road games then home games, winning on the road has not been the Giants forte this season and that could cost them a playoff chance.
Rockies: 4 games1 at home (carryover from August) 3 on the road

Dodgers: 6 games 3 at each

D-backs: 6 games 3 at each

Padres: 4 games on the road

Brewers: 3 games at home

Cubs: 3 on the road 

Prediction: 12-14

October: The season has one last series after September and that brings the Padres into San Francisco. This series should have playoff implications for at least one team and let's cross our fingers that the Giants are playing spoiler at this point. The Padres have had the Giants number all season so this could be a very tense game if the season is on the line.

Padres: 3 at home

Prediction: 2-1


Home: 39

Road: 35

Based on my predictions I see the team going 40-34, that would leave them at 87-75. That most likely leaves them just short of the playoffs and a game worse then last season. It will be very tight and at this point a few games here and there could make all the difference.

Team Break Down:

Braves - 4Brewers - 3
Cardinals - 3Cubs - 7
D-Backs - 13Dodgers 12
Marlins - 4Mets - 4
Padres - 10Phillies - 3
Reds - 3Rockies - 8

Division Break Down:
West - 43Central - 16East - 15

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