Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Is Corey Hart a Good Fit for the Giants?

June 27, 2010- Milwaukee, WI. Miller Park..Milwaukee Brewers Corey Hart  had a hit, walk, and RBI against the Mariners today..Milwaukee Brewers won over the Seattle Mariners 3-0, the Brewers ended up taking the series 2-1 in the 3 game series at Miller Park..Mike McGinnis / CSM.

Sometimes when you do analysis names get in the way and cloud things up. Sometimes you need to be able to step back and take a fresh look. Golden Gate Giants says the Giants should pull the trigger, Extra Baggs says he thinks the cost is too high.
With all of the talk about Corey Hart lately I think that this may be a good time for an unbiased look.

So its time for a little game that I like to play called guess that player, I put the numbers up and then we try to do some analysis and figure out which is better for the Giants.

Career Averages of two players:

Player A: .275/.328/.483 RF UZR/150 -3.4

Player B: .279/.320/.408 RF UZR/150 20.4

These two players are strikingly similar in average and getting on base. One hits for more power but the other is a much better fielder which in a park like AT&T is definitely a plus.

One of these players is currently on the Giants roster and the other would cost quite a bit to acquire most likely Jonathan Sanchez and one of the Giants top prospects. That's a tall order for grabbing a player that is very close in career numbers to someone already on the team that is not at the moment an everyday starter.

To bring everyone out of the dark, Player A is Corey Hart and Player B is Nate Schierholtz.

Another knock on Hart is that he has one more year on his contract while Nate has 3 more arbitration eligible season left. To pile on a little bit more his career is awfully Rowandesque, he plays in a hitters park and has 2 years where he tore things up and the rest of his career has look rather pedestrian, so I would like to say no thank you to a second helping of that.

Please put me down squarely on the side of I would like to pass on Mr. Hart unless the Brewers give him away for low grade prospects.


  1. What if it were Prince Fielder's name being tossed around (vs. Hart's)? Would you pull the trigger then?

  2. It depends on the cost. If were talking Jonathan Sanchez and Zach Wheeler plus another prospect of the Brewer's choosing then it would be somthing to think long and hard about.

    The only things that you run into with Fielder is that he is going to want a lot of money and a lot of years in his next contract. Plus he doesn't exactly have to body type that ages gracefully. His father went saw his days as an above average hitter end in his early 30's.

    So if were talking a a 8+ year contract the team would be looking at him playing into his mid 30's which could be trouble if he is payed like a top of the line player.

    However he would be a near guarantee to hit 35-45 homeruns a season for the next few which the Giants haven't been able to claim since Bond's left.

    I think that if the price is right it makes a whole lot of sense and even overpaying might make sense to get some badly needed offense. It could be a risk down the line but if it brings a parade down market street then all is good in the world.

  3. I would only do the Hart deal if it was for something like Joe Martinez, Wheeler, and a hitter. Except Pill and Belt. I would not give up anybody in the rotation for him. I would give up Jsanch and a prospect for Fielder. Howeber, I don't see the Giants inking any contracts longer than through next.season since Lincecum will be due another raise, Cain will be owed like $12 million, and we will be paying Rowand and Zito $31 million for the 2012 season. But the world is supposed to end in 2012 so maybe they will sign him to whatever contract he wants.