Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Giants Links

Some good reading out there for Giants fans:


Kevin at Remember '51 breaks it down nicely in his post "Which Snubbed Giants Have An All-Star Case to Make?"

Mid-Season Reports:

Over at Triples Alley they break down "Who has Contributed to the Giants' Offense the Most in 2010?" A very nice detailed and information intensive post, highly recommended.

At Obsessive Giants Compulsive he breaks out the June Pure Quality Starts Update and breaks down how things are going year to date. Good Stuff here.

22Gigantes breaks out the Mid-Season Report Card and it is not pretty by my calculation the GPA was 1.88 and it looks like the team will need some summer school to make up some of their problems.

Down on the Farm:

First up Grant of McCovey Chronicles looks at how the Giants Top 30 Prospects are doing, there is a whole lot more on the disappointing side of the equation which makes one want to cover their eyes and cower in the corner.

Second, we will go back to Obsessive Giants Compulsive where we have an exhaustive second look at Giants first round pick Gary Brown, the outlook not as bad as the first impression.

Bochy Bashing:

First off Brian at Frisco Fastball explains to us all that "Bruce Bochy Will Forever Be Bruce Bochy" and that we are getting exactly what we hired.

Lastly let's stay here and look at Bruce Bochy's "Rookie Cycle of Death"


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