Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Evolution of The N.L. West

Much has been said about the National League West over the last decade, but most of the talk has been negative with quotes like " The N.L. West is in fact the worst division in the MLB." But if you look at the past decade the N.L. West really hasn't been that bad.

Over the last Decade a National League West team represented the National League in the World Series three times, What makes it so special is that three different teams were in it. The Arizona Diamondbacks in 2000, The San Fransisco Giants in 2002, and the Colorado Rockies in 2007.

In addition the Wild Card winner has been from the N.L. West in 09, 07, 06, and 02. The division has not been dominated by a single team unlike the A.L. East (Yankees) or say the N.L Central (Cardinals). Since 2000 only one team has not won the division (Colorado but they have been to the promised land) and all of the other teams have won it more than once with Arizona and Los Angeles having the most titles with 3, then San Fransisco and San Diego with two.

The current N.L. West features four of the five teams with reccords above .500 and the team with the best record in the Nation League. Try and tell me now that we have the worst division in Baseball now East Coast Bais pushers. The current N.L Wild Card leader comes from our division that team happens to be our San Fransisco Giants.

The division has evolved into the best division in the National League, it is the most complete and balanced top to bottom. The torch Ladies and Gentlemen has been past to the A.L. Central for the worst division in Baseball.

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