Thursday, June 17, 2010

There is only Juan Uribe and he NEEDS to be an All-Star

Juan Uribe is having an excellent year and it is a crying shame that he has been left off the All-Star ballot. He is among the top 3 in the hitting catagories and is having possibly the best year of any National League shortstop.

There is the usual shenanigans going on with the ballot box stuffing going on in Philadelphia and guys getting votes based on what they did in the past instead of what they are doing right now.

The current top 5 (as of 6/15/2010) vote getters at shortstop are as follows:

1. Hanley Ramirez, Marlins 1,190,685

2. Jimmy Rollins, Phillies 992,887

3. Troy Tulowitzki Rockies 702, 165

4. Jose Reyes, Mets 493,913

5. Orlando Cabrera, Reds 487,680

Ramirez and Tulowitzki are having good seasons but the rest? Well they are here on name only and that is a shame. Maybe I am just getting on my high elitist blogger horse here but the unwashed baseball masses are making a some bad votes here with Rollins (hasn't played since May 21st and has only been in 12 games this season), Reyes and Cabrera.

Let's do my favorite thing and go to the stat board:

Juan UribeSFG632452183363111114212337.289.355.500.855122
Hanley Ramirez FLA6427724235691421036123133.285.368.483.852124
Troy Tulowitzki COL61261233457117093372440.305.369.494.863120
Jimmy RollinsPHI125241111441272106.341.462.6341.096187
Orlando CabreraCIN63280255326616032791625.259.299.357.65574
Jose ReyesNYM612792583768114323171732.264.313.372.68584
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Generated 6/17/2010.

As I was saying 3 of the top 5 vote getter have no buisiness being anywhere and there is one guy who is deserving that is being left off.

Juan Uribe is second in OPS, OPS+ and AVG , he is first in home runs, RBIs and slugging. These shouldn't be going overlooked.

I hope that this mistake is rectified and is added to the roster by the players. If he still isn't added he better be on the last man added vote list and it would be a travisty if he didn't make it.
Vote Uribe!

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