Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Matt Cain Snubbed for Pitcher of the Week

Two lines to look at:

2-0, 16.0 innings, 9 strike outs, 3 walks and a 0.56 ERA

2-0, 12.1 innings, 22 strike outs, 5 walks and a 2.19 ERA

Both are strong lines, the first belongs to one Matt Cain and the second belongs to the phenom Stephen Strasburg.

Strasburg beat out Cain to be the pitcher of the week and maybe it is just my Giants bias clouding my vision but Cain seemed to have a little bit better of a week that has been a continuation of a hot 5 start stretch. However the writers who vote on these things saw it differently maybe they have beeen watching too much ESPN.

Cain can't seem to get any love or catch any breaks. First he has no run support over his career which has killed his W-L record even with outstanding pitching. The last couple of years even when he has pitched exceptionally he has been in the shadow of Tim Lincecum and now that he is having arguably his best stretch of pitching in his career it is being overlooked because of the debut of Strasburg.

Just a continuation of the hard luck for Cain.


  1. I agree with you totally on the snub. I think Strasburg hype pushed him to the award. Don't get me wrong, Strasburg has pitched well, but it was against Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Cain brought it against the Reds (who have one of the league's best offenses) and the A's (who are still in the AL West playoff race).

    My biggest concern would be if Cain got snubbed from the NL All-star team. His FIP numbers have been better during the first three months of this year than the first three months last year. The only real thing Cain had better last year was W-L record, but the offense hasn't supported him as well as they did during the first half of last season. If Cain gets snubbed, it would be a travesty.

  2. Cain got the shaft here.

    This was totally a political move by MLB. While Strasburg's out on tour (David Letterman Show) and turning in his equipment to the Hall Of Fame, the Nationals are in the NL East cellar.

    Cain? He's only got the Giants a season-high 9 games over .500 and a half game out of first.

    Oh, and not once has Cain ever appeared on the DL.....or the Letterman Show.

  3. Is Cain the sweetest player in the league? Years beyond his age, never complains... Matt Cain is just plain and simply;