Friday, June 4, 2010

Giants/Pirates Series Preview

The Giants are very happy May is over, coming into June with a 1-1 record but going away from the friendly confines of AT&T Park. As they roll in to PNC Park there is one major question, what Giants offense will we see, the one that puts up 12 runs or the one where we get 3 hits and make the opposing pitcher a "Cy Young" contender.

Game 1: Jonathan Sanchez (3-4 2.9ERA) vs Zach Duke (3-5 5.09ERA)
The Giants look to start the series with a win and hopefully they do behind Johnathan Sanchez, who is not pitching bad during the early part of the season. Im looking forward to seeing the Giants put up at least a couple runs for him. The big question in this game will be what will Buster Posey do in his first road game on the season.

Game 2: Todd Wellemeyer (3-4 5.03ERA) vs Paul Maholm (3-4 3.9ERA)
Really the only thing in this game is which Wellemeyer do we see? His performance will dictate this game.

Game 3: Tim Lincecum (5-2 3.14ERA) vs Ross Ohlendorf (0-3, 4.26 ERA)
If Lincecum figures it out this game could be magical, im not calling "no hitter" but watch out Pirates.

Keys to the Series:
1. Keep Andrew McCutchen of the base path, he could be what decides the series lets make other Pirates beat us.
2. Patience at the plate, be selective beat the pitcher dont let him beat you.
3. RISP, if we dont do this it could be a sweep.

Giants take 2-3 loose Game 2, Lincecum figures it out and returns to his "freaky" ways.

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