Wednesday, June 2, 2010

ESPN East Coast Bias Update

Last month we began talking about the pretty well established fact that ESPN favors teams on the Easy Coast at the expense of the teams in the Mountain and Pacific time zones.

Well, I just wanted to take a second and post about ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball Schedule that has been released for June:

June 6 – Milwaukee Brewers at St Louis Cardinals
June 13 – Chicago White Sox at Chicago Cubs 
June 20 – Los Angeles Dodgers at Boston Red Sox
June 27 – New York Yankees at Los Angeles Dodgers
So for the month of June we have just 1 West Coast team represented and of those there are no match-ups that don't feature the ESPN favorite Yankees or Red Sox.
ESPN needs to get some diversity in there program scheduling, this season so far has not included to teams west of the Mississippi river. 

April 5 - Atlanta Braves at Philadelphia Phillies
April 12 - Chicago Cubs at Milwaukee Brewers
April 19 - St. Louis Cardinals at Chicago Cubs
April 26 - New York Yankees at Boston Red Sox
May 3 - Chicago White Sox at Texas Rangers
May 10 - Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox
May 17 - New York Mets at San Francisco Giants
May 24 - Milwaukee Brewers at Minnesota Twins
May 31 - Los Angeles Dodgers at Chicago Cubs
I guess for fans of west coast baseball we will have to continue to wait. Hopefully tight races in both the American and National league West will draw some more interest form the snobs back east. There are good stories and teams out here that shouldn't be ignored.

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