Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bochy and His Guys:

Bruce Bochy has talked about the way that he manages his team, in a nutshell Bochy has his guys and it takes a sign from God to make him loose faith in them. This is his is strategy, in the beginning of the season he decided which people on the team were his guys and that he is going to stick with him until the end.

Bochy's core guys have seemed to be Pablo Sandoval, Aaron Rowand, Bengie Molina and Edgar Renteria and these are the ones that with Bochy at the helm are the ones that will take us to the playoff. Andrew Baggarly on the Murph and Mac show in defending this mind frame said that you don't quit on a player that you have classified as one of your core guys. That the season is a 162 game marathon and that sticking with your guys through their up and downs is the best way to manage the day to day.

However if you look at last season you can see that this state of mind hurt the Giants last season when Edgar Renteria was obviously hurting and not the same.

This one I agree much less with. I understand where Baggs and Bochy are coming from. You have the guys that make up your core and these are the guys that will bring you to the dance or leave you waiting outside.

However I think that if your guys are in a funk you should be able to give them some time off to work on their things and get their mojo back. For some reason Bochy has less trouble doing this with the pitchers; when they are struggling mightily he has no problem skipping a start or sending them to the bullpen for a little while, but heaven forbid giving a position player 2 or 3 days off to work things out.

I think that sticking with your guys is a good thing, but when things are going horrible it can be a disservice to the rest of the team to keep going with your “guys” if they are a detriment to the team as a whole. I think that Bochy needs to find the right balance between playing his guys no matter what and doing what is in the best interest of the team.

Right now it seems that things are a little to slanted toward helping out the guys instead of the team.

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