Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bochy Made the Right Call…On Wilson Pitching but not with Velez in LF:

It may not have been popular at all but pulling Tim Lincecum after 8 and a third was the right call. Yes Timmy had been dominate through 8 with 11 strike outs and no walks, but at the end of the game and a 4 pitch walk where every fastball was up you could see that he was fatigued. The heart of the lineup was coming up this was the correct call.

Before this implosion Brian Wilson had been pitching like he was mad at the world and just mowing people down. He had an 11.05 k/9 against 3.68 bb/9 and a 0.00 ERA and 0.82 WHIP. Those are great numbers and inspire trust.

I find no fault what so ever in Bochy going to Wilson, it was the call that I would have made. I think that if that ball is another couple inches to the right and Wilson gets the last out this isn’t an issue. It is only with hindsight that this looks like a bad decision. It is not like he went with the third or fourth best arm in the bullpen.

It was the right call, Lincecum is still great even if he was only at 65-70% however this really increases the chances of a hanger or another mistake pitch and I really like and trust Wilson in tight high leverage situations.

It is hard to believe how quick the fans (who we just talked up too) seemed to turn on Wilson (or maybe Bochy), but I guess that is the life of a closer. I felt like it was a kick in the nuts but it was the right call. I have had my problems with Bochy but this time I feel that he did the right thing.

The one decision that I will not defend is Eugenio Velez playing left field in critical situations. Any time the ball is hit out to him I have to concentrate on not having a bowel movement from nervousness. Today is not an exception, the first play ok it was tough and maybe a 50-50 play for even a good fielder. The second botched fielding job however is inexcusable; an average high schooler should make that play. The second run was a back breaker and it is all on Velez. That second run was the margin of victory and cost the Giants a sweep of a really good ball club.

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  1. Wrong. Lincecum deserves to finish what he started. Bochey fails again. If it's anyone else, I would be ok with bringing in Wilson, but this is a TWO TIME CY YOUNG winner. He's earned that right.